Sunday, September 20, 2009

SLOW GALLERY SHOW: 'From Gutter to Gallery' Show, Artwork on Display:

Below is a view of the work Hanging in the Slow Gallery show 'From Gutter to Gallery'. Open Sept19th through Oct. 19th......

...Installation by Slow and Cynic Hand drawn text by Sone....

Poster I did- Acrylic and Enamel over Vintage Poster Print.

Aerosol Portrait by Christopher Maslow. Photos by John Sluder

Installation by Cliffton Chandler. Spraypaint stencil on Wood.

Photos by John Sluder

Aerosol on panels by Cynic.

Painting I did. Aerosol and Acrylic on Panel with Antique frame.

Another one of my paintings. Aerosol and acrylic on panel with antique frame

Slow piece, photo by John SLuder

Cynic Piece, Photo by John Sluder

Cliffton himself!

Tryptic painting by Cynic...

Aerosol on panel by Deps..

6 Panel installation by Sone...Wood stain aerosol and gold leaf on wood.

Detail of Slow's panel piece....

on Display until Oct.19th!

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jonsl said...

Nice posting, I have some video from that night