Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Georgia Series: A Short Study of the Marshland.

During my stay along the the Coastal Marshland of Georgia for three weeks I had an abundance of opportunity to soak up the solitude in nature and study local wildlife and their predatory and hunting ways. I worked on eight paintings and kept an avid sketchbook on hand, putting together a short series of works, Below are 2 of the paintings and a few sketches from my book. enjoy....

All Images Copyright.Peter Agardy.2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Boynton Beach : 'Art in Public Places' part 3

I had the pleasure of working with the City of Boynton Beach, and their Art in Public Places program again this year for the 3rd time in a 12 month period! This is the 3rd mural I have created for the city, and my favorite so far! With the inter coastal and Inlet to the ocean directly behind me the whole time I could't complain one bit!! A Special Thanks to Debbie Coles-Dobay for pushing the right concepts through to the right people to help make Boynton a more beautiful place!. This mural is located next to another one i painted in the same park as part of a new renovation for Boat Club Park.

A Special thanks to John Nimerfroh for coming by and taking some GREAT action and process shots, see more of his work @ JDNPhotography.net

Also stay tuned for a video of this wall featured in a small documentary about me and my work by Uneak.