Monday, December 7, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Art Basel Gallery Show

This show is a collection of diverse street, visionary, surreal, and tattoo art created by emerging artists whose vision encompasses erasing the barrier that separates the affluent art scene from the underground art world.

Eat Your Art Out is a movement toward bringing in emerging artists to push the envelope outside mainstream art and make it socially warranted in today’s art scene. Artists from a variety of artistic genres have collaborated together for one week to exhibit a dynamic fusion of diverse mediums presented on canvas, multimedia, sculptures, installations and photography.

Featuring works by: Chet Zar, Edgar Velasquez, Crome, Abstrk, Nineteen, AS1, Quake, Evils, Dekal, Gere, Juan Velasquez, Michael D. Walsh, Billi Kid, Joshua Noblock, Brandon Opalka, Ryan Mackeen, Seth Mathurin, Jose Mertz, Enve, Michael Lee Suarez, Evo, and John Vale.

The exhibition includes a collaboration with various other art groups including Primary Flights, Super Rad Toys and Modani Furniture.

“The common goal here is to showcase subversive artworks and make a statement in today’s conventional art scene,” says Evils of the Miami Style Graffiti (MSG) Cartel.

December 3rd-6th, 2009
The Madness Begins at 8pm

Eazy Street Gallery
3501 NW 2nd AVE
Miami, FL 33137