Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boynton Beach Mural Project: Demo session with the kids

On Saturday Sept 26th, Doug, Griff and I held a demonstration, coinciding with the Mural we were commissioned for, by the city of Boynton Beach coming up in November. It turned into a Spray-painting free for all for the kids, while still managing to inform them of techniques and History of Graff, and positive benifits of art in the community. They and us had a great time and the small event was a big success. The photos below are from the first of three painting sessions with the kids and, The project will end with us painting a 25'x100' Mural in Boynton Beach the first 10 days in November.

"Most mural projects commission an artist(s) to paint a single wall for public art demonstration purposes. This project includes an educational and community component. Graffiti Art is a unique form of art which is challenging to master. It is very appealing to the youth and a great way for them to positively express themselves. This art form will showcase Boynton youth’s participation in a positive outcome and will contribute to the transformation and enrichment of the community."- Debby Coles-Dobay, Arts in Public Places, Boynton Beach Fl.

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