Thursday, August 12, 2010

This Friday!!!!

Hey Everyone, I'm excited to show the new work with all of my friends, fans and family. I will be exhibiting my new body of work reflecting on different struggles and triumphs beneath the oceans surface. I have been in the studio and in the water emersing myself in other worlds,being on and in the water, and research of the oceans, putting the experiences and emotions that come with them onto canvas. The struggles beneath the surface reflect our modern society more than we usually recognize. I have chosen to acknowledge this Conclusion as a truth. We are all animals and our Basic instincts come down to a few certain duties of survival. Just as our civilized race proves. In nature, We all have interesting conflicting qualities, as you will see in the work.

I've worked diligently on paintings in the studio, 'submersed' in work, struggling and overcoming, I will be sharing my work with you at Eaton Fine Art in West Palm, Special Thanks to Maxwell Eaton for curating and helping things get going.


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Anonymous said...

Hey envy its enmity. nice blog you got there man , love the paintings. i love fishing & surfing too i got a boat and go out with friends all the time holla !